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Delaware becomes latest state to legalize recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Delaware
Recreational marijuana is now legal in Delaware 01:42

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) -- Recreational marijuana is now legal in Delaware.  

While some believe this will bring in a lot of "green" for the state, not everyone is on board, including the governor.

Legal marijuana was the talk of the Wilmington riverfront Sunday morning 

"People need a choice and I believe in marijuana," Troy Fletcher said.  

"I just don't think there are benefits of legalizing it," Revekah Cosby said.  

For people over the age of 21, marijuana became legal Sunday morning after Gov. John Carney declined to veto two bills involving recreational use. He said he still doesn't support recreational use, but says the focus at the state level needs to go to other issues. 

Carney said he has concerns for children, safety on roadways and in poorer neighborhoods. 

"I'm OK with healthcare benefits of it when prescribed but legalizing it you can just smell it everywhere I'm not happy with that," Cosby said. 

"Marijuana is not just a recreational drug anymore. It's used for a lot of medicinal things and some people can function better in society with it," Emmanuel Clark said. 

The state has not yet established dispensaries. But one of the bills that passed the state legislature creates state-led regulations and licensing for retail, cultivation and manufacturing.

"For me at its base, I think it should be treated the same as alcohol," Nicole Smith said.  

Delaware joins more than 20 other states to legalize recreational use, including New Jersey. 

Marijuana sales in the Garden State totaled over $228 million in 2022. The state's cannabis regulatory commission says it brought in nearly $20 million in tax revenue. 

Delaware doesn't have sales tax, so it's not clear how the state's finances could be impacted.

"The city can make a lot of money off can easily be taxed and be regulated by the government," Clark said.  

In the Philly region, Pennsylvania is now the only state that hasn't legalized recreational marijuana use. 

But in Philadelphia, having a small amount has been decriminalized. 

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