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Man Accused Of Driving Corvette Into Delaware River Taken Into Custody

By Justin Finch

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Mayfair man who admits to driving his estranged wife's red Corvette into the Delaware River surrendered Wednesday, two days after the sports car was towed ashore.

Nervous about the non-stop media coverage the has garnered, Kramer said he fled Philadelphia -- driving somewhere "between here and North Carolina."

After requesting a ride to Northeast Detectives, Kramer got a police escort into the building. On the way in, he struggled with his handcuffs and grasping with the fact that his crime of passion is a very real crime to authorities.

"I didn't know anyone was going in after the car. I didn't want anyone to see me do it," Kramer explained.

"Taking a car and dumping it into the river so police officers have to go in there and get it out will get you in a lot of trouble," said Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum.

A witness tipped police about the submerged car. He told authorities that Kramer even asked him to not tell anyone what he saw.

Kramer, 50, told CBS 3 he struggles with bi-polar disorder. He blamed his Monday meltdown on high emotion, a low prescription, and being away from his family. He said he wants to put this behind him to get back to his children.

"Seeing my daughter Jillian who has Down Syndrome. That's who I spend every day with. Without her in my life, I'm unbalanced."

Kramer explained that he and his wife had been feuding recently, and have been locked in a divorce process nearing three years.

Both said their most recent flare up was over a mini-van that he wanted back from his wife, but did not get. She said he texted her saying that he would take it out on her 1990 red Corvette.

The text alone violates a protective order she took out against him months ago.

"I'm very afraid for myself and my two daughters," she said and asked that CBS 3 not identify her.

Kramer is facing charges which include two counts of reckless endangerment for the two officers who risked their lives to dive in for the car, harassment, and violating a protection from abuse order.

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