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University of Delaware student wins big on "The Price is Right"

Digital Brief: March 16, 2023 (AM)
Digital Brief: March 16, 2023 (AM) 02:37

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- When Lily Ramos showed up at the studio for a taping of "The Price is Right," she wasn't sure if she'd actually make it to air.

Ramos, a University of Delaware junior studying nursing, was a guest of her friend Kevin, who she's known since childhood. Kevin was allowed to bring three guests to the taping.

But Ramos is the one who actually got picked to go onto the show. In a clip that got posted to The Price is Right's Twitter account, you can see her falling to the floor and cheering after getting picked. 

And then in the episode that aired this Monday, March 13 on CBS, she won big, winning the "Showcase Showdown" that included a package of trips. She also took home a digital whiteboard and over $1,000 in cold hard cash.

"I bid on my prizes $24,800," Ramos said. "I honestly didn't know how much the trips were going to cost, but I just figured that each trip, it had to be at least $8,000 probably on average. And then eight is my favorite number and the 24th is my birthday, so I was like, OK, $24,800."

The package's true value was actually $46,200.

"I did not expect the trips to be worth that much," she told CBS News Philadelphia.

Though Ramos was underbid by about $20,000, her Berkeley opponent, Donovan, overbid his showcase by a few hundred dollars. On "The Price is Right" the winning bid is the closest that does not exceed the price.

"He bid very close to the price," Ramos said, "but he was over by like, less than $1,000, and then I was like way off. to be honest."

After not winning too much earlier in the show (though she did get a digital whiteboard and over $1,000 cash) Ramos hit $1.00 on the Big Wheel, the best possible spin. That let her automatically get into the Showcase Showdown.

"Once I got to the showdown," Ramos said, "I was kind of feeling the pressure. I was thinking, I really hope I can win this one so I can come home with a big prize."

She said she was proud to represent UD Nursing on the show and heard fellow students were watching her.

What did she win?

In total, she won three trips for two people each, the whiteboard and over $1,000 cash.

One of the trips, to South Africa, includes a safari. She's planning on bringing Kevin to that.

"I'll definitely bring him on one of the trips," Ramos said. "I definitely owe him for bringing me on the show."

She said she's known Kevin since preschool and they became closer in middle school.

And on the trip to Rome, she's bringing her mom, who actually appeared on "The Price is Right" last year.

"I haven't really been on a real nice vacation with my mom," Ramos said. "I feel like she deserves it, she works very hard. It would be nice to go on a vacation like that with her."

No plans to go to DC, about a 90-minute drive from UDel - just yet.

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