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LGBTQ+ leaders asking for help identifying murderer

Philadelphia officials speak out after another murder of transgender person
Philadelphia officials speak out after another murder of transgender person 02:13

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia officials are speaking out after another member of the city's transgender community has been murdered. This comes just roughly one week after Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember those lost to anti-trans violence.

"Her life mattered, and she should still be here today," Celena Morrison, executive director of the Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs, said.

The 27-year-old victim Shahere Jackson-McDonald, known by the name Diamond, was killed just after midnight on Thanksgiving. She was found in an apartment on Manheim Street in Germantown. 

"Violence against trans people, especially our trans siblings of color, continues to be an epidemic in this community and we must all do our part to end it," Morrison said.

Activists held a news conference Thursday afternoon with Philadelphia's District Attorney Larry Krasner. He said there was no forced entry into the apartment, and the investigation into Diamond's murder is ongoing.

"It is too soon to say whether or not this case was a biased crime, but that possibility is actively being investigated," Krasner said.

The DA's Office says Diamond is at least the eighth trans woman of color murdered in Philadelphia since 2002. He said among the reforms that could help prevent future attacks on LGBTQ+ people are statewide hate crime protections, paying special attention to cases involving marginalized communities and gun reforms 

"Queer people and trans people have a right, like all of us, to live freely and joyfully and without fear of harm," Krasner said.

"Black trans women have led the liberation for the LGBTQ community," Morrison said. "We have to make a promise, we have to make a stronger commitment to do better, to do better for our trans community, particularly our Black trans women."

According to the DA's office, nationwide, there have been 35 transgender people killed so far this year.  

No one has been arrested in this case.

Community leaders are asking you to come forward if you have information.

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