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Lessons Learned From Election 2014

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Elections are learning experiences. So what did we learn from this one?

In the race for Pennsylvania Governor, voters didn't buy the harsh political game. The guy with the smile who refused to get super tough attracted attention.

The governor with all the power in the world can't make magic happen unless he talks to his own party. In this case, his own party spent little time talking to him. After all, the Republican Party controlled everything but the agenda for the last four years in Pennsylvania.

Now, the blame game begins. Democrats have a few things they may want to learn from the past.

The first two years of the Corbett regime offered zero cooperation with the Democrats. If team Wolf takes the hard road ahead, you can expected as much gridlock in Pennsylvania as in Washington.

The Republicans also have a chance here to bring the man in the jeep into the back office to get some business time.

After all, you can learn something from spending #73 million.

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