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King of Prussia man arrested after he attempted to kidnap, kill his wife in Walmart parking lot: DA

Digital Brief: November 20, 2023 (AM)
Digital Brief: November 20, 2023 (AM) 02:29

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- A King of Prussia man was arrested after his plan to kidnap, rape and murder his soon-to-be ex-wife was interrupted, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office said in a release. 

Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr. was arrested by Upper Merion Township Police on Sunday after a bystander witnessed him assault and attempt to kidnap a woman inside of a car in the King of Prussia Walmart parking lot on North Gulph Road, according to the DA's office.  

The DA's Office charged 52-year-old Kay-Conway with attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, attempted rape, aggravated assault, stalking, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, possessing an instrument of crime and more related charges. He was arraigned on these charges Monday and denied bail.

Upper Merion Township Police responded to a domestic violence 911 call Sunday morning at around 10:45 a.m. 

The caller reported a man, now identified as Kay-Conway, was attacking a woman inside a Nissan Rogue. The woman was his wife, who had a Protection From Abuse Order filed against him back in October, which he violated by stalking and threatening her. 

Upon arrival, police found the woman, who had escaped the car after Kay-Conway allegedly stabbed her in the leg several times. 

The 52-year-old was then arrested in a nearby parking lot, where police say a large metal pick was sticking out of his sweatshirt pocket with black zip ties in the shape of handcuffs. 

Police also found a black duffle bag in a nearby pickup truck with multiple items, including a black pepper ball gun with two magazines; three piercing tools -- one with the woman's name written on it; a blindfold; duct tape; zip ties; knives, wire cutters, pliers and other tools; KY jelly; a court order; and a manila envelope that contained a note addressed to Kay-Conway's brother. 

The court order was given after a Protection From Abuse Order violation hearing after Kay-Conway was arrested for stalking on Halloween. Following the violation, he was charged with Indirect Criminal Contempt Hearing. 

He was later released on $5,000 bail and the court order listed his next court appearance, that was scheduled for Dec. 13. 

At the bottom of the order, the DA's Office alleges Kay-Conway wrote "…I Have 1.5 months to Kill that [expletive]. Could have Killed her 17 times if I wanted. What a week system."

The note to his brother that was found in the duffle bag was two-pages long and allegedly labeled, "read last." 

The note went on to detail that by the time the letter was read, he and his soon-to-be ex-wife would both be dead, according to the DA's office. Kay-Conway then detailed how he had been following her, watching for weeks on end. He said if he couldn't "do it on an ideal day, it will happen the weekend before Thanksgiving somewhere around town." 

The letter details how he he planned to rape and then kill her. 

During their investigation, Upper Merion police found that Kay-Conway had placed a tracker on his wife's car, which is how he was able to follow her to the Walmart parking lot on Sunday. 

"The most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence is when she leaves her abuser. This victim worked to keep herself safe by obtaining a PFA and reporting the defendant when he violated the PFA by obsessively stalking her. Thankfully, bystanders intervened to help the victim yesterday," Montgomery District Attorney Kevin Steele said in a release. "This case demonstrates just how dangerous domestic violence is, including stalking behavior."

A preliminary hearing for Kay-Conway is scheduled for Dec. 11. 

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