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Josh Shapiro is PA's next governor: 3 things you should know

Democrat Josh Shapiro declares victory in Pa. governor race
Democrat Josh Shapiro declares victory in Pa. governor race 17:34

OAKS, Pa. (CBS) -- CBS News projects Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro will be Pennsylvania's next governor. He would succeed Tom Wolf, also a Democrat.

Shapiro is the prospective victor over Republican Doug Mastriano, a state senator. In a victory speech Tuesday night, he spoke about "real freedom," and thanked his family, congratulated his wife Lori and celebrated running mate Austin Davis.

"You met this moment," Shapiro said. "We showed in this campaign that no matter what you look like, where you come from, who you love, or who you pray to, you are valued in Pennsylvania, and we hear you."

Highlights from Shapiro's victory speech

On what Pennsylvania voters wanted this election: "Rural, urban, suburban folks across this commonwealth who I've had the opportunity to talk with, you know they basically all want the same thing," Shapiro said in the speech. "They want a real opportunity for good schools, safe communities and an economy that just gives everybody a shot...Those are the basic values that every single Pennsylvanian has a right to, and that I'm going to fight to deliver for [them]."

On democracy and extremism: "Because of you, our democracy endures," Shapiro said. "The foundational principles that have kept our commonwealth and our country moving forward, they really are strong. We all basically joined together by three simple truths...we value our freedom, we cherish our democracy and we love this country."

"These three truths, and your votes, that stood up to the extremism that has taken root in some parts of our society," Shapiro added. "You chose to take off the red jersey and the blue jersey, and wear the Pennsylvania jersey, a jersey that brings us together."

3 quick facts about Josh Shapiro

He's the Pennsylvania Attorney General

Shapiro was elected as Pennsylvania's Attorney General in 2016, defeating Republican John Rafferty Jr.

As Attorney General, he prosecuted sex abuse in the Catholic Church

As Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Shapiro led an investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

In 2018, Shapiro revealed the findings of a grand jury that examined abuse in the church and coverups by leaders. The grand jury's report named over 300 priests accused of abuse.

He grew up in Montgomery County

Shapiro was raised in Dresher, Montgomery County, and attended the Forman Hebrew Day School and Akiba Hebrew Academy. The latter school was later renamed as the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy.

Shapiro later served on the county's Board of Commissioners from 2011-2017.

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