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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Brexit Bargain Getaway

by Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Looking for a spontaneous summer getaway? KYW's Jay Lloyd reports that as the Brexit dust settles, Europe and even some American destinations have become bargain bins.

British voters have handed us some cut rate currency as the Pound and Euro languish at the bottom of the bargain barrel. That means the American dollars buys a lot more in foreign air fares, hotel rates, restaurant meals and souvenir tchotchkes.

Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. (credit: Jay Lloyd)

If you're going and want to save, now is the time. But in an odd twist of that staggering British vote, some American destination costs have also started to drop.

I've been tracking New York City hotels since the Brexit referendum, and there's been a noticeable price dip. After all, New York has been a favorite summertime destination for Europeans.

Left Bank Paris
Paris's Left Bank. (credit: Jay Lloyd)

Their money here now buys a lot less pastrami, fewer Nathans Franks, and depleted hotel nights.

One tip, if traveling abroad pay by credit card and try to find one of those rare cards, free of foreign transaction fees. Mine is Capital One.

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