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Philadelphia's "plant hotel" takes plant sitting to the next level

Every leaf gets a little love at this plant hotel in Philadelphia
Every leaf gets a little love at this plant hotel in Philadelphia 01:51

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tucked away on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill neighborhood lies a hotel unlike any other. But don't expect to find human guests lounging by the pool. Instead, Foliage Chestnut Hill caters exclusively to leafy lodgers – plants.

Foliage is a plant store, first and foremost, offering all kinds of succulents, palms, cacti and other potted plants. But owner Yolanda Palmer also offers "plant sitting" and even "plant hoteling" services, where plant owners can ensure the greenest members of their household are being looked after with care when they are away.

"They can stay here until you get finished with your vacation, and meanwhile, they're vacationing," Palmer said. "They're probably getting something good done to them … some fertilizer, some wiping down."

Palmer said she started caring for plants as a hobby when she was younger, and her love for it stuck.

"I take care of my children, I take care of my home, and I take care of these plants," she said. "I just have always loved plants."

For Lisa Woodland, a frequent traveler and proud plant parent, Foliage Chestnut Hill isn't just a hotel – it's a sanctuary. 

"This is like an oasis. I could just stay here," Woodland said.

She said she wouldn't want her plants to stay anywhere else.

"My plants are like my pets. My plants are part of the family," Woodland said.

The services at Foliage Chestnut Hill resemble those of a luxury spa. Plants receive fertilization, repotting, trimming and even misting, depending on each plant's individual needs. 

"While they're in my care, I fertilize them and repot them so they can look better," Palmer said.

Prices for these accommodations vary depending on the size and number of "guests," ranging from $50 to $175 per week. But for plant owners like Woodland, the peace of mind is priceless. 

"I know Yolanda will always give them the right amount of water," she said. "I come back, and they're more lush than when I dropped them off."

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