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For Montgomery County family with relatives in Israel, Iran attack triggers renewed worry

For Pennsylvania woman with family in Israel, a difficult weekend
For Pennsylvania woman with family in Israel, a difficult weekend 01:56

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — It's been just over six months since Israel was first attacked by Hamas, and for those with loved ones in the conflict zone, every day brings worry about when the next strike will come. 

Danielle Gutman grew up in Israel and now lives in Montgomery County, but her parents and many of her relatives are still there, including Ohad Yahalomi and his family, who were kidnapped during the Hamas attack on Oct. 7. Yahalomi, 50, is believed to still be in captivity. 

"No one has had any communication with any of the hostages in Gaza," Gutman said.

Yahalomi's wife and daughter escaped, and his son was released in late November. 

"He's doing as well as can be expected for a child who was in captivity for 52 days and came home to not have his father around," Gutman said.

Gutman said news of Saturday's attack by Iran triggered a renewed sense of concern. Her family was OK, she said, but it's hard being so far away. 

"We were just sitting helplessly, watching Israeli TV all night long, constantly What's App [messaging] with everyone in Israel, just making sure, 'are you guys in the shelter?'" she said.

Still, despite all that has happened, Gutman remains resolved to never lose hope that peace is possible.

"I think it has to be, we have to hope, because if we give up hope, then why fight?" she said. "It has to be. There is no other option, we can't keep dying." 

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