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Wolf Administration Cites Pizza Chain In Montgomery County As Proof Of Increased Minimum Wages Working

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- Governor Tom Wolf's administration is joining forces with a pizza chain owner in the call for raising Pennsylvania's minimum wage. Pennsylvania's Secretary of Labor and Industry visited "&pizza" in Willow Grove on Thursday.

Michael Lastoria, who owns "&pizza," said an increased wage is critical to keeping people in the food service industry - and keeping them happy.

"The entire philosophy behind doing what we do is all about unity and uniting the working class in food service around fair pay," he said.

Lastoria also said paying his workers a living wage has increased the overall success of the business; the chain has more than 50 locations in six states and D.C.

Governor Tom Wolf has proposed raising the minimum wage in increments to $15 an hour by 2027. The state minimum wage is currently $7.25.

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