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"Giving Machines" provide thousands of meals during stint at Fashion District Philadelphia

"Giving Machines" provide dozens of animals, thousands of meals to people in need
"Giving Machines" provide dozens of animals, thousands of meals to people in need 03:03

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Light the World Giving Machines will soon be leaving the Fashion District Philadelphia. The vending machines that provide a unique opportunity for people to help out charitable organizations will be in Center City through Sunday, Dec. 3.

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It's an initiative started by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The giving machine acts as a vending machine. You pick the charity you'd like to donate to. Swipe your credit card and your donations go directly to global and local charities like Interfaith Philadelphia. 

"We are bringing people together to dare to understand each other. Us and the 97 zones of peace organizations, some of which are represented in the machine, really rely on the support of the community," Sara Zebovitz with the Interfaith Church said.

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Kate Sookhoo with Light the World Giving Machine Philadelphia says the community has been stopping by to make generous donations. 

"We had 56 goats purchased, 264 chickens, over 4,100 meals, many, many glasses of milk. It's been very exciting," Sookhoo said. 

Also checking out the donation opportunities this morning was Black Santa.


"We love to have diversity and inclusion. People like to see a Santa that looks like them," marketing manager Kendra James said.  

For more information on the Light the Way Giving Machines and other donations you can make while shopping at the Fashion District, visit 

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