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Giraffe Dies From Neck Injuries At Lehigh Valley Zoo

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- A young giraffe at the Lehigh Valley Zoo died from neck injuries Sunday, just days after arriving at the zoo, say officials.

Ernie, the 6-year-old Masai giraffe, arrived at the Schnecksville facility on Friday.

Zoo officials said Ernie became aggressive toward his father Murphy, who had arrived at the zoo last Tuesday.

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The giraffes were separated as zoo keepers worked to on a slow reintroduction plan.

The giraffes were brought back together on Sunday after Ernie had shown minimal aggression, but he then became very aggressive and injured his neck.

Ernie died due to his injuries around 1 p.m.

Zoo officials say they will work with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to perform an investigation into the death.

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The giraffes were brought to the area from the Kansas City Zoo after a $3.8 million investment by the Lehigh Valley Zoo to expand its African animals exhibit, reports The Morning Call.

According to the report, Lehigh Valley Zoo planned to open the new giraffe exhibit in the second week of June.

There is no word on whether the opening would be delayed.

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