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Former PA Senator Fumo To Be Released From Prison

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Pennsylvania State Senator and convicted felon Vince Fumo will taste freedom again on Tuesday for the first time in four years when he is released from a Kentucky prison.

70-year-old Fumo, inmate #62033-066 at the Ashland, Kentucky federal prison for the past four years, will first have to serve some time at a halfway house before he is truly free (read related story).

Fumo was convicted of federal fraud and related offenses -- all 137 counts against him -- a case that forever links him to the contemptible acronym OPM as detailed at trial by a former girlfriend.

Witness: "(I) first heard that from Vince, it means "other people's money."

Prosecutor: "How did Mr. Fumo use that term?

Witness: "He used it quite a bit, when he was talking. When we would go out he would to dinner he goes, 'let's just use OPM.'"

Federal authorities want Fumo to pay an additional $800,000 in restitution. He's also fighting IRS claims he owes about $3 million in taxes, interest and penalties.

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