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Philadelphia prison escape: What might have motivated Gino Hagenkotter to flee

Philadelphia prison escape: U.S. Marshals join the search for Gino Hagenkotter
Philadelphia prison escape: U.S. Marshals join the search for Gino Hagenkotter 02:18

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The search for an inmate who escaped a Northeast Philadelphia correctional facility entered its third day Saturday. Despite dozens of tips, none have led law enforcement to Gino Hagenkotter.

Police said the 34-year-old walked away from a supervised work program Thursday afternoon.

CBS News Philadelphia learns more about what may have motivated Hagenkotter to escape.

Law enforcement sources confirm they are in the process of interviewing people and anybody who may have had contact both inside the prison and outside with Hagankotter.

They do confirm he was angered with the fact that a detainer from Bucks County was going to keep him in prison for months longer than he had anticipated.

Hagenkotter was nearing the end of his time behind bars when officials confirmed he got bad news. An unresolved matter out of Bucks County would delay his release until April 2024.

The 34-year-old climbed a fence and left the prison property before noon on Thursday. It's said he told a guard he had to use the bathroom.

Gino Hagenkotter update: What might have motivated the escape 01:57

Police confirmed they've received dozens of tips ranging from suspicious people to attempted car break-ins with callers believing it could be Hagenkotter.

In this Holmesburg neighborhood, there is some uneasiness.

Juliana and her three-year-old son don't live far from the prison. She said she will remain on alert.

"You don't know who these people are, you don't know what they're in for, it is scary," Juliana said.

Hagenkotter is considered a nonviolent inmate. He was in jail for burglary and retail theft crimes.

Police still caution if you see him to keep your distance.

The district attorney said there will be a larger investigation into the overall state of Philadelphia prisons.

If you have any information on his whereabouts police and law enforcement want to hear from you: the tip number is 215-686-TIPS.

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