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Meet Eric the Puzzler, the mastermind of puzzles with an emphasis on street art throughout Philadelphia

The Heartbeat: Eric the Puzzler
The Heartbeat: Eric the Puzzler 03:00

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Puzzles are defined in a variety of terms. They can be scavenger hunts, riddles, jigsaw and lateral thinking, to name a few. Regardless of how you define it, there's always a mastermind curating those headscratchers behind the scenes. We got personal with Eric Dale, aka Eric the Puzzler who combined his appreciation for street art along with his intellectual curiosity.

The concept was presented to Eric by street artist FaithsFunn and during COVID, Eric pursued the challenge to create an atmosphere that would give people an opportunity to get outside while safely bringing them together.

Just to be clear, this is how Eric explains puzzle: "When I use the word puzzle, I mean sort of a creative, clever, adventuresome experience where you have to figure something out."

They are challenging because he shares there aren't any right answers. He gets you to figure out the best answer … Riddle me that.

His puzzles are created in his South Philly home, but they take us throughout Philly. At times, even Eric finds new nooks and crannies to add to these hunts and he challenged my lateral thinking through one of his Philly Street Art Hunts. He does have a challenge scale ranging from 1-5. Believe me, regardless of the number, you'll want a partner however you can get one. I was lucky enough to have the genius himself in addition to my daily partner-in-crime behind the camera.

We received an envelope containing four "puzzles" in different forms leading me to a prized destination. We ran the streets of South Philly and, honestly, after all of the brainpower, it was so rewarding to complete the brainteaser after a few conundrums. Not to mention, each found location hosts a prize of street art as Eric showcases the artists here in our city. It is his way to bring awareness and appreciation to this culture as well as give an opportunity to begin your own street art collection in an affordable way.

The fun doesn't stop there. He is known for hiding keys around the city. Check out his Instagram to find out when the next one will be hidden. And, on a beautiful day, you can find Eric in Rittenhouse Square challenging you to solve his riddles in the park. Eric is happy to create your own personal puzzle for any occasion; team building, engagements, dinner parties, you name it.

In the meantime, he is currently working on a spy-themed mission, so be on the lookout for that one too.

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