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Philadelphia Eagles file trademark application for "Kelly Green"

What would trademarking "Kelly Green" allow the Philadelphia Eagles to do?
What would trademarking "Kelly Green" allow the Philadelphia Eagles to do? 00:53

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to trademark "Kelly Green." The trademark would be for the phrase -- not the actual color.

The Birds debuted the Kelly Green throwback uniforms and merchandise this summer. 

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About a week ago, the team filed an application to trademark the phrase "Kelly Green."

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, explained what the trademark would allow. 

"It doesn't allow the Eagles to tell people you can't use Kelly Green to describe a color of another article of clothing or Kelly Green to describe a color that somebody else is using in another context. The only thing this trademark would allow the Eagles to do is, 'Hey, another team can't use Kelly Green to describe a game or theme that might be going on around the game.'"  

Gerben suspects the team wants to trademark the phrase 'Kelly Green' so it can crack down on knockoff merchandise. 

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"So if they've noticed that going on in the marketplace, filing a trademark application for the phrase might give them some policing options by sending, for example, takedown notices to Amazon or Etsy sellers or people trying to move merchandise using that phrase, especially in connection with the football team," Gerben said.      

"Any trademark application is limited to the goods or services that that particular application claims. So for example, if the Eagles were to go and actually get a registration on the phrase 'Kelly Green,' that registration is extremely narrow to just the services that a football team might provide," he added. 

The Eagles debuted their Kelly Green jerseys against the Miami Dolphins in Week 7 in a 31-17 victory at Lincoln Financial Field. 

The Birds will wear the jerseys again at home vs. the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, Nov. 26. 

The Eagles will be on the bye in Week 10 after a massive win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. 

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