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Chester County Man Arrested For Nearly 20 Incidents Of Indecent Exposure

AVONDALE, Pa. (CBS) – A Chester County man has been arrested for nearly 20 incidents of Indecent Exposure dating back to June 2011.

On Saturday, April 20 at around 10:45 p.m., Newark police received calls about a naked subject who had exposed himself to two females on Beverly Road near Sunset Road.

Newark Police Lt. Mark Farrall said the report fit the familiar and disturbing pattern of a flasher who'd been seen on and around the University of Delaware campus.

"Basically on the other side of the road as they walked on Beverly Road in the city of Newark, the subject was naked, and when they observed him, they obviously were startled, and after they saw him, he fled between two houses," said Farrall.

He credits the women's quick response.

"They didn't wait to call 911, they called us right away, which enabled quite a few officers from both Newark police and university police to respond immediately to the scene, and he basically had nowhere to go," said Farrall.

While the subject fled on foot, he was eventually apprehended by police while attempting to climb a fence.

Investigators say the suspect, 39-year-old Jason W. Grubbs of Avondale, is linked to at least 16 additional incidents dating back to 2011.

Grubbs was arrested on 18 criminal charges in the Newark Police Department's jurisdiction before being turned over and arrested on 16 additional charges stemming from seven incidents on the University of Delaware campus.

He was then released on bail.

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