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Construction At Rt. 42 And I-295 In South Jersey Progressing On Schedule, But Far From Over

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We're two years into the eight-year, $900 million reconfiguration of the interchange linking the 42 freeway and the feeder highway to the Walt Whitman Bridge with I-295 in South Jersey.

So how's it going?

A quarter million cars use that interchange every day. And lots of dirt's been turned up. You can even see some new ramps taking shape. As for what work has been done:

"We have finished the Bell Road bridge. That was completed this past fall in 2014. The Creek Road bridge is about to be finished. Traffic is going to be moved on to that this fall," said Kevin Israel with the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

They'll also complete work on I-76 both ways in a few months. That's the feeder road to the bridge. But before that, look for shifting lane patterns on 295, including two lanes of northbound traffic diverted to a new ramp over 42. Be patient, though. The whole project isn't scheduled for completion until 2021.

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