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Philadelphia runner returns as a champion after triumphs in 7 Mile Bridge Run in Florida Keys

Philadelphia man returns home as a champion after winning 7 Mile Bridge Run in Florida
Philadelphia man returns home as a champion after winning 7 Mile Bridge Run in Florida 01:43

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia man is coming home as a champion. Collin Wainwright won the 7 Mile Bridge Run in the Florida Keys for the third time over the weekend.

"Yeah, I think you always believe that you can," he said. "I think that's, you gotta believe."

And believe in himself he did. Wainwright finished the race in 40 minutes and 33 seconds. About 1,500 other runners took part in the race over the bridge that connects the Middle and Lower Keys. Wainwright returned to the course as he trained for an Ironman competition.

"I fell in love with the process of training," he said. "It's pretty much the best part of my day — waking up, going for a run, bike or swim. It's probably the natural endorphins have something to do with it."

He became a champion after finding sobriety. While in college at West Chester University, he was kicked off the cross country and track teams after failing a drug test. He's been sober for more than seven years.

"In my opinion, secret sauce is consistency," Wainwright said. "Consistently just hammering that foundation over and over. And you know, trust in that it's gonna work out if you do the right thing."

And that brings us back to Philly, as runners prepare for the Broad Street Run coming up on May 5.

Monroe: "What kind of advice would you give to our folks and also those folks at home?"

Wainwright: "Broad Street's so amazing. I think in a lot of ways the crowd and the city will carry you through the race. But I would say the number one piece of advice is to pace yourself. And you know, go out a little bit slower than you think you're capable of."

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