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Children, families gather in Philadelphia to call for cease-fire in Gaza

Philadelphia children and families call for cease-fire in Gaza
Philadelphia children and families call for cease-fire in Gaza 01:54

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As the Israel-Gaza conflict continues, the next generation is getting involved.

Parents and their kids gathered near the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Monday to push for a cease-fire in Gaza.

"We have to be a voice for our people," 8-year-old Aleena Milhemabuali said. "They can't do it by themselves. They need someone to speak up for them."

The gathering was organized by a group called Philly Families for Ceasefire.

"Right now, we're just trying to get the cause heard enough that we have the cease-fire, permanent cease-fire," Aleena's mother Samah Darwish said.

Darwish and her two girls are Palestinian. She said their family is on the front lines of the conflict.

"We've lost loved ones and talking to them and just seeing the things that they're going through every single day," Darwish said. "It's frustrating. And knowing that we're here and there's only so much we can do. The only thing we do have is our voice for them."

Both of her daughters used their voices to share speeches with a crowd full of families who held signs and flags as the two called on the federal government.

"We need the president to use his power to say cease-fire," Milhemabuali said.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is working to get teenagers and children involved in learning about the conflict as well.

"With the younger generation we are working on education, learning about the conflict, learning about strengthening Jewish identity," Jeffrey Lasday with the federation said.

Instead of calling for a cease-fire, Lasday said the organization is pushing for the release of hostages.

"We know the way to end the war," Lasday said. "Hamas just needs to surrender and return the hostages back to Israel. It's time to bring them home."

Both groups agree, getting the next generation involved can hopefully lead to peace.

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