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BlobFest 2012 Attracts Classic Film Fans Near And Far

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (CBS) - The cult B movie classic "The Blob" was shot in Phonexville, Chester County.

They are still running from the campy menace that is The Blob. Or that's what they are reenacting at least.

"It was great because you started out and then all of a sudden you thought the blob was there. It was wonderful," an unidentified woman who attended Blobfest said.

The outfits are part of the show.

"The foil hat of course so the aliens can't suck out my brain, but I wanted to do it as a fashion statement at the same time," Susy Conrad of Chester County said.

The BlobFest at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville is a celebration of the unusual and the 1958 sci-fi horror movie "The Blob" is the centerpiece.

"The Blob was made in our town and we're very proud of that," Mary Foote of The Colonial Theatre said.
BlobFest attracts people from across the area and beyond.

This family came here from Alaska via a family reunion in Tom's River, New Jersey.

It was mom's birthday wish.

"This is what I wanted to do for my 60th," Diane Bongiovanni said.

Friday night's crescendo is the reenactment of what is the blob's most famous scene - when moviegoers run out of the colonial in horror as the blob comes after them.

The actual movie "The Blob" will be shown at the Colonial Theatre this weekend.

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