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Author: Comey Should Have Recommended Prosecuting Hillary Clinton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Author Ed Klein discussed his new book, Guilty As Sin, about FBI Director James Comey's decision not to recommend prosecuting current Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, for operating a private email server while Secretary of State, saying he made the wrong decision.

Klein, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, believes Comey was overwhelmed with political pressure.


"He started with all good intentions and realized that, politically, he was in hot water with the White House, the Justice Department, the prosecutors, the Democrats in Congress, the mainstream media, the Clinton machine and that he was outgunned, if you will, politically and, in order to save his own skin, he ran away from what he knew was the truth and that was that she was guilty as sin. He didn't pull the trigger."

He stated that if Clinton was not found guilty, had he pushed for charges, Comey himself would've faced repercussions.

"If he recommended that she be indicted and it went to the prosecutors and impaneled a grand jury and then they indicted her and then there was an actual trial of Hillary Clinton, if you can imagine, and she was exonerated but had to drop out of the race or was defeated because of all of this, he would've been held responsible for doing that and I think that's what was in his mind. He was worried that he couldn't get a conviction and if he didn't get a conviction, his reputation would be ruined."

Klein thinks Comey should've asked the Justice Department to prosecute Clinton, regardless of the consequences.

"What he should have's what we found, excessive jeopardizing of national security, I'm turning this over too the Justice Department with the recommendation that they impanel a grand jury. That's what he should have said."


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