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Army-Navy Game is a win-win situation for the US and our city

Army-Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field: scenes from the tailgate
Army-Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field: scenes from the tailgate 02:49

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia has hosted 92 of the 123 Army-Navy Games throughout the years, but this one will be the last before it's set to return in five years. For Philadelphia, the rivalry game is bringing a multi-million dollar boost to the economy.

Regardless of who you were rooting for, the Army-Navy Game has brought tens of thousands of fans to Philadelphia who are pouring millions into the local economy. 

"It gives the City of Philadelphia a $30 million economic impact," Ed Grose, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association, said.   

From Friday's packed pep rally to the pre-game pageantry on the field, this weekend's events brought the Angel family from Washington D.C. to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

"Year in and year out, it's just kind of turned into a family tradition," Albert Angel, a Navy fan, said. "This is our third Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia. Finally got the girls to see the Liberty Bell." 

Grose says 50,000 visitors are filling the streets here and have booked 31,000 hotel rooms, 25,000 of them in Center City.  

"They will go out to dinner. They'll spend a lot of money in our bars. They tip very well and may even take in an attraction like a museum," Grose said. 

One Army fan, Zack Calabrese, will be taking part in the nightlife.

"The Uber driver told us South Street is the place to go. There are good strips of bars down there," he said. 

Those in the hospitality industry, like Grose, say they'll miss having this game in the city since Philadelphia won't host another Army-Navy Game until 2027. 

"We'll just be creative. We have a fund that we use to attract conventions to Philadelphia, and we still have a great destination. We will be fine," Grose said.

Whether there's a game or not, visitors say they'll be back. 

"This is my first time in Philadelphia, so it's been a really great experience and I think I'll definitely be back," Alexander Brinton, Army fan, said.  

"Either way, best part about this game, USA wins at the end of the day, whether it's Army or Navy." 

It's a rivalry that's rooted in a shared love for the United States.

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