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Interboro HS grad fatally shot by police on I-95 had "kindest soul ever"

Girlfriend of 18-year-old killed by police on I-95 in Philadelphia speaks out
Girlfriend of 18-year-old killed by police on I-95 in Philadelphia speaks out 02:32

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania State Police and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office are investigating after 18-year-old Anthony Allegrini Jr. was fatally shot by a state trooper along Interstate-95 near Penn's Landing just before 3:30 a.m. Sunday. 

Pennsylvania State Police say they arrived to find a "significant" number of cars illegally blocking the southbound lanes of the interstate with drivers spinning tires and speeding in circles."

The report says Allegrini was behind the wheel of a car that failed to stop, striking two troopers. That's when one of the troopers fired at Allegrini, who died from his injuries at the scene. The two troopers had minor injuries.


"He just had the kindest soul ever, he cared about everyone," Regan Hocking, Allegrini's girlfriend, said. 

Hocking said the 2023 Interboro graduate loved hockey, working out and cars. While she was not with him Sunday morning, she has gone with him before to other car meet-ups.

"They would do burn-outs, racing, stuff like that. I agree that is not the most safe place to put yourself in. I don't blame him at all for any of this, it's just kids having fun. I've went to them, I've had fun," Hocking said. 

She says in the hours since Allegrini's death, she's heard conflicting accounts about what happened, including that he may have been outside his car when he was shot.

"I saw a video where you hear the gunshot … a person who was there continues to drive up and continues to show his body laying behind the police car a far distanced from away from his own car," Hocking said. 

She told CBS News Philadelphia that she's committed to making sure the truth is reported. 

"I think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately it just ended in a very, very bad way," Hocking said. 

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