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Can Allan Domb's business experience help him succeed as Philadelphia mayor?

Philadelphia mayoral profile: Allan Domb
Philadelphia mayoral profile: Allan Domb 02:28

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Voters in Pennsylvania will head to the polls in a little more than four days for the primary election.

One of the races we're watching closely is the Democratic race for mayor in Philadelphia.

Polls show it's a tight contest between the top five candidates. 

We continue our series Thursday night talking with supporters of those five candidates and spoke with an Allan Domb supporter.


"He shows up. He cares. That's it for me," Jason Evans said. 

Evans knew he was supporting Domb before the former city councilmember announced his run for mayor. Evans believes Domb's background – both in business and politics – makes him a unique candidate in the field.  

"Running his business for 40 years gives him the people experience on how to manage a large corporation like the city. His time in city council has prepared him for the job at hand," Evans said. 

Domb started his own real estate company 40 years ago – and has now become one of the city's largest property owners. In 2015 – Domb won his city council seat where he served until August last year.  

Domb is being backed by former Mayor Bill Green – and the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors. Philly native and boxing legend Bernard Hopkins also appeared in a commercial with him. But for Evans, there was one piece of Domb's platform that stood out. 


"I want to teach financial literacy K through 12, including home ownership. and entrepreneurship, K through 12. And then in high school, I want to take a page out of Cristo Rey and ask those who are interested, go to school four days a week. On the fifth day, go to a job, get credit, get paid," Domb said.    

"Kids need something to do. And there's not enough to do. So if they have a job, make a couple dollars, I think that's better for everyone," he added.  

The jobs program is part of Domb's promise to reduce poverty through entrepreneurship. He's also pitched a 10-step community safety plan – and vowed to restore trust in government. 

But critics have questioned how a man dubbed the "Condo King" – and who's spent millions of his own money during the campaign -- can relate to people in one of America's poorest big cities. Evans says Domb has been doing that work for years. 

"During the pandemic when bars and restaurants were struggling to reopen, the Gayborhood especially was having challenges getting outdoor dining and things. I called Allan's office. He showed up," Evans said. 

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