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Being Involved In Your Children's Lives, Including Their Internet World

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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We have reached the point where college graduates do not know of a world without significant involvement of computer technology in their lives.

Of course the most significant aspect may be the internet -- and social media. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of social media but I have one major warning for parents of children and adolescents.

It has to do with the realization that our homes are no longer sanctuaries for many of our kids. Years ago many of you probably had a few great friends at school and a few not so close friends -- maybe even bullies. Coming home to neighborhood friends and to family provided a layer of decompression. This has been virtually eliminated thanks to social media. It is important to recognize this and be as involved as much as you appropriately can in your children's lives -- including their internet world. The role of parents is ever changing and this is one example.

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