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Approximately 150 Gallons Of Oil Spill Into Delaware River

By Mark Abrams

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. (CBS)—The Coast Guard is supervising the cleanup of an accidental spill of approximately 150 gallons of heating oil into the Delaware River from a business in Gloucester City, Camden County.

Authorities say the heating oil spilled into a storm drain at the Blue Knight Energy Partners along the 200 block of Water Street about 9 a.m.

Investigators say valve on a tank failed, causing the spill. Officials say the tank leak has now been contained and a private contractor has been brought in by the company to clean up the spill.

Blue Knight Energy released the following statement concerning the spill:

"In accordance with our plans and procedures, we contacted the appropriate state and federal regulatory authorities early this morning when we discovered the spill.  We coordinated with these regulatory authorities and with the local agencies and took immediate steps to contain the spill and minimize any impact on the environment.  Environmental remediation specialists who are part of our response contingency team were notified to assist with the cleanup."

There are no reports of injuries. It's believed the spill has been contained and is not an immediate threat to wildlife.

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