Zenyatta: A horse with charisma?

Go behind the scenes with our very own horse-whisperer to meet the greatest filly in horse racing history

Zenyatta: A horse with charisma?

Her name is Zenyatta, and people who don't follow horse-racing have probably never heard of her. But for someone like Michelle Boniface, Zenyatta is a hero.

Twenty three-year-old Michelle Boniface grew up on a horse farm in Maryland, and horse-racing expertise is three generations deep in her family. Today, Michelle is a broadcast associate here at "60 Minutes," which means she has an entry-level job. But when "60 Minutes" decided to profile Zenyatta back in October, Michelle suddenly found herself on her first shoot, helping veteran producers and correspondent Bob Simon understand Zenyatta, and how special a horse she really is.

Watch Bob Simon's report.

So before you watch the Kentucky Derby next week, we hope you'll enjoy a look back at our story on one of the greatest horses of all time.