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Zazi Indicted By Grand Jury

Najibullah Zazi has been indicted by a federal grad jury in New York on a count of "conspiracy to use one or more weapons of mass destruction...within the United States."

The government now has asked the court for permanent detention and it is likely Zazi will soon be moved from Colorado to New York. The terror charge was revealed just a short time before Zazi was scheduled to appear in Denver for a detention hearing.

In court documents released this morning the Justice Department says Zazi and unnamed others purchased "large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and acetone products from beauty supply stores in the Denver metropolitan area." The government says evidence including surveillance videos will prove Zazi and the others made repeated purchases of the chemicals over the last three months.

Hydrogen peroxide and acetone are key ingredients for making homemade explosives. Those chemicals have been used in the past for various terrorist attacks and attempts including the London transit in 2005 and the ill-fated Richard Reid shoe-bomb plot in 2001.

Court documents do not identify any conspirators or targets and shed no light on the scale of Zazi's intended plot. But, the newly revealed evidence coupled with the discovery of backpacks and cell phones in the recent Queens raids add to the suspicion that Zazi and his partners were working on developing portabale bombs for use against multiple targets.

The FBI continues to press the search for other potential conspirators and a possible cache of explosive materials. No new arrests have been announced.

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