Yo-Yo World Champion amazes all with tricks


(CBS) - I used to love yo-yoing. During a particular yo-yo resurgence back in middle school, I remember bringing my yo-yo to school every day, showing off my impressive sleep times and attempts at complex tricks.

I'm sure Shinji Saito did the same thing when he was in school. Except he wasn't just attempting cool tricks, he was absolutely tearing it up with tricks that make every other yo-yo enthusiast look foolish.

Saito won 1st place in the 2A world YoYo contest this year. This world champion likely pulled off more tricks in the first 15 seconds of his show than I have in my entire lifetime displaying truly amazing talent in his three-minute routine.

I guess its time for me to dig up my old yo-yo; my dog has been begging to go on a walk for some time now.