Yeti spotted roaming streets of Boston

In the midst of the potent wind and heavy snow, a yeti was spotted roaming around the streets of Boston Monday night.

As the blizzard of 2015 howled in, Bostonians were told to stay off the roads. But as tall figure dressed in a white, fluffy costume with grey gloves embraced the storm, documenting its trip and calling itself the @BostonYeti2015 on Twitter.

The mythical abdominal snowman started its journey in Somerville at 10:48 pm.

A few minutes later, it made its way to the McGrath Highway:

As more snow continued to blanket the roads, the yeti tweeted a message to everyone:

Soon enough, people took notice of the furry creature:

One person even tweeted about joining the yeti:

While the yeti's identity remains unknown, the figure dressed as a mythical creature brought many laughs during the blizzard.