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Yes, Brooke Shields Is Available for Ad Work, No Matter How Random the Task

Is there nothing Brooke Shields won't advertise? The actress/model just signed up with La-Z-Boy. If you think the nexus of the recliner maker and the woman who once gushed that "nothing" came between her and her Calvins is incongrous, bear in mind that Shields never, ever says no to Madison Avenue. Tupperware? Check. The World Gold Council? Check. Arrid Extra Dry? Check. The Chicago Health & Raquetball Club? Of course.

If there's a sentence Shields will never utter it's, "I don't think this brand is the right fit for my image." As such, Shields is an interesting ad barometer. It doesn't matter what decade we're in, if there's a fad, Shields is on it.

Here's a trip through an advertising resume that's so extensive it makes Jennifer Aniston look restrained. I've tried to arrange them in chronological order so that it starts with Shields as a child promoting a Tuesday Taylor doll. When watching the ads in quick succession you can see the decades roll by as Shields ages and her advertising interests change from tight-fitting jeans to shampoo to fertility treatments and then to eyelash lengtheners.

Can it be long before we see Shields endorsing Rascal wheelchairs and Depends? It's inevitable. Not shown here is her work for Coppertone, Fertility Lifelines and an unidentifed contact lens company.

Tuesday Taylor dolls -- "a lovely lounge outfit!"

CK Jeans -- "The survival of the fittest."

Calvin Klein Jeans -- "You want to know what what comes between me and my Calvins?"

Wella Balsam -- "Make your hair come alive"

Anti-smoking PSA -- "I think people who smoke are real losers!"

The Brooke Shields Doll -- "you can pose her and pretend she's a teenage star!"

Chicago Health & Raquetball Club -- "Because a strong mind looks a lot prettier on a strong body."

Arrid Extra Dry Solid -- "Sometimes I think, 'Brooke, would you like him to get a little closer?'"

Diet Coke -- "Just for the taste of it."

Starter Athletic Wear (the client apparently asked the agency to make sure this commercial would date as quickly as possible).

Lux shampoo -- "Super rich!"

Wonderful Town -- "The New Yorker calls it sublime!"

Colgate Total -- "My most important role ever!"

Volkswagen Routan Boom -- weird mockumentary about a baby boom. Ironic, considering Shield's other ads for infertility services.

Tupperware -- "I'm extremely honored and proud to intoduce to you Radiance by Tupperware"

Latisse -- "Common side effects include itchy eyes and eye redness."


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