Wrong number still works out right for stroke victim, 1300 miles away

generic 911 call

(CBS/AP) CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio. - A woman who called the wrong number while suffering a stroke somehow still wound up dialing the right number.

We'll explain.

Cuyahoga Falls resident Loretta Smith felt her right side go numb and fell to the floor the weekend before last.  The 70-year-old Smith said she was able to grab the phone with her left hand, and thought she was calling her son.

But Smith was really was one digit off, and instead a man in the Denver area, some 1,300 miles away, picked up her call. Turns out he was originally from northeast Ohio, and had kept the same number after he moved.

"It was a woman, and she said 'I may be having a stroke," said Kenny Crater, 28. He asked for her name and address and offered to get help. His 911 call was answered by Colorado police who transferred his call back to Ohio.

Loretta Smith was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that she had suffered a mini-stroke.

Smith said Carter saved her life. "I want this kid to be praised to high heaven," she said.

Crater humbly took it all in stride.

"I didn't save her," he said. "She found me."