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So you've had this book in you all this time and have wondered about getting published. Thanks to the net, you can see your book in print in almost no time at all. It's a new twist on self-publishing from a web site called

"We have created a very large infrastructure to enable any authors and writers to publish their books, to get it into distribution and get sold throughout the traditional book stores as well as the dot com bookstores on the net within a very short time and very inexpensively, in thirty days or so and the cost of that is only 99 dollars."
iUniverse head Richard Tam. You can find all the fine print at Now for those ravenous readers. Head for a site called Company head Byron Preiss says electronic books are finally a reality...

"The concept of course being that you can go to the web anywhere, on the beach with a wireless PDA, in your office with a desktop and search for books and authors that you love and then instantly download samples of their writing, sample chapters of their books and experience the books."
You can find some entire books online, from well known authors, for free.

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