Wounded CBS Reporter Flown to Germany

Cami McCormick
CBS News correspondent Cami McCormick has undergone successful surgeries in Afghanistan, the network said, and her condition is stable.

She has been transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for further treatment.

Landstuhl spokeswoman Marie Shaw confirmed that McCormick had arrived at the hospital but gave no details on her condition, citing patient privacy.

On Friday McCormick, on assignment for CBS Radio News, was injured while traveling with members of the United States Army when their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED) in Logar Province, Afghanistan.

McCormick was initially treated at a field hospital, where she underwent surgery to stabilize her condition, and was then transported to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan for additional treatment.

McCormick is based in New York City and has been with CBS Radio News since September, 1998. She is an award-winning war correspondent who has had several assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq. She was in Afghanistan to cover the recent elections, and the continuing fighting in the region.

Listen: Cami McCormick reports on the increasing danger from roadside bombs.

Listen: Cami McCormick reports on the growing number of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Taliban's increasing use of roadside bombs has raised the risk to Western troops and to journalists traveling with them.

Two Associated Press journalists were wounded this month near Spin Boldak in southern Afghanistan.

Journalists have sometimes been brought to Landstuhl for treatment in the past. Among them was CBS News journalist Kimberly Dozier, who was injured in 2006 when a Baghdad car bomb exploded, killing two of her colleagues and a U.S. Army captain.