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Work Off Your Super Bowl Bulge

The Super Bowl's over, but the game may stay with you in one unhealthy way: Do you know the average Super Bowl fan eats 3,000 calories on game day?

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To work those calories off, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and her team from The Tracy Anderson Method showed ways to help viewers get back on track with some exercises that target your "hot spots."

So what are "hot spots"? Anderson explained they are three areas: the arms, the abs and the butt.

"These are the key areas in terms of design," she said. "I've found that most of my clients, male and female from Shakira to Robert Downey Jr. all want to improve muscular balance, performance, and have their body represent health. Not overdeveloped, not overweight, but defined, problem-area free, and performance capable. If you challenge your muscles in a certain way along with cardio, the outcome changes the way your body looks and performs."

To tone your arms, Anderson suggests a kneeling punch with pull back.

Anderson says this exercise hits the bicep on a rotation rather than a straight line contraction. This creates a long line down the bicep as opposed to a short bulky line, she said.

"Women don't need weights or may use three pounds," she said. "Men use five to nine pounds and add a lift at the end of each W."

Anderson is also a firm believer in using your own body weight or nothing weighing more than three pounds for women in exercise. However, with men, she says they can lift a bit more, but she says everyone's routine should be the body using itself to connect and get stronger.

Toning your abs, Anderson says, takes much more than just your old-fashioned crunch.

"I really like what I call the ankles crossed twist crunch to challenge your abs and help define them all over," she said.

As for getting a tight derriere, Anderson suggests her "secret recipe."

"The glut is a tricky muscle when you want the perfect little lifted butt," she said. "It's all in my sequencing."

For men -- who Anderson says often care about their butts more than women think -- she suggests wearing ankle weights to work on toning.

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