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Woody Still Wows 'Em

Over 30 years after he died, Woody Guthrie is releasing new material. Concerned that her father's music wasn't getting the attention it deserved, Nora Guthrie decided to bring his work back to life. She asked folk-rocker Billy Bragg, along with American rockers Wilco, to set 15 of his unrecorded lyrics to music., in conjunction with CBS Sunday Morning, tells the story of what happened. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, June 14, at 9:00 A.M. ET (check local listings).

Woody's New Release: The tale of what happens when you combine the undiscovered lyrics of a genius with some very talented modern musicians.

Billy, Woody and Wilco On The Web: Fans have created some excellent web sites about the story's protagonists.

Produced by Curtis Grisham and David Kohn

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