Woman trying to rescue cat ends up needing rescuing

Sara Beebe, 51, with her cat after she was rescued by firefighters.


SILVERADO CANYON -- A foster cat mom trying to rescue one of her cats ended up needing rescuing herself.

Sara Beebe, 51, from Orange County, tried to climb up a 50-foot slope behind her home to try and rescue her black cat, reports CBS Los Angeles.

But when she tried to come down the cliff, she slid. She injured her ankle and scraped her arms and legs. CBS LA reports that Beebe was stuck in the middle of the cliff and she could not climb up or down.

Beebe said she tried screaming for her daughter to help. And then started yelling for neighbors to call 911.

Firefighters came to her rescue. Using a helicopter, they were able to pull Beebe to safety.

"I did ask her how she got to where she was. She had told me that she had gone up to rescue a cat," said Jeff Shelton of the Orange County Fire Authority.

Beebe tells CBS LA she will do things differently next time.

"I am going have to start letting the cat be a little more independent when I get it out and just put my prayer into it that it gets back home," she said.

Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi said the cat made it back down by itself.

"That's why we say if a cat gets stuck in a tree or a roof, just put some food down on the ground and when the cat is hungry, it will come back down," he said.