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Woman does divas singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

(CBS News) For fans of Bonnie Tyler's classic '80s ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (and to be honest, who isn't a fan?), it's probably hard to imagine anyone else singing it in any different way -- until now, that is! Expert impressionist Christina Bianco performs the iconic song in the voice and mannerisms of 19 other diva singers. Watch the video above to see which impersonation is your favorite -- it may be hard to pick just one.

"Total Eclipse" doesn't seem like the easiest song to sing, let alone while trying to imitate famous and iconic divas like Adele, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Britney Spears, Kristin Chenoweth, Julie Andrews and more. Yet she managed to capture their essence to a tee! Not only that, but her transitions from one singer to the next are seamless. This video is one of those that you may end up watching it over and over again and let it really capture your total heart (okay, that was cheesy, but I couldn't resist). Hit me up in the comments and let me know who your favorite diva was.

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