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Woman Awakes in Motel With "Hoe" Carved into Her Chest, Say Mo. Police

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CBS) A blind date goes from bad to worse for a 22-year-old woman who claims she woke up at a Kansas City motel with the word "hoe" cut into her chest.

However, the events preceding the dicey rendezvous have the hotel manager questioning her story.

According to a police report, the young woman and the man that accompanied her to the Crown Lodge motel had met  Saturday afternoon through a dating service.

The pair entered one of the rooms and began to drink alcohol, but started arguing when the topic turned to sex, says KHSB.

Police reports state that the man left the room with the key around 7 p.m. while the woman stayed behind and continued drinking, until she fell asleep around 3 a.m.

Approximately 1-3 hours later, she woke up, groggy, and says she saw a man she did not recognize in the room, pacing and calling her a "hoe," slang for whore.

When she awoke again around 9 a.m., she reportedly felt pain to her head and face, her shirt and leggings had been torn and she saw the word "hoe" etched in her chest.

The alleged victim told police there was a box-cutter in the room, and that after she awoke the second time the box-cutter was gone.

In addition to her chest wounds, the woman who was admitted to a hospital Sunday sustained injuries to her forehead and cheek, plus scratches all over her face. She was not sure if she had been raped, says KHSB.

Despite his many years in the transient lodging business, Grover Clawson, general manage of the motel, told KSHB that he has a hard time believing the outlandish story.

"I'm not privy to a medical report. But, I believe that if something did in fact happen to this person, it happened elsewhere."

Clawson told KHSB that no one in the nearly full motel called to complain about a disturbance, but at a motel where rooms are less than $30 a night, who does?