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Wis. Trump supporters: Despite rocky start, give the president a chance

Trump supporters speak
Trump supporters speak 02:27

KENOSHA, Wis. -- Regular visits to Frank’s Diner are worth it not just for pancakes the size of catchers’ mitts, but for presidential politics, too.

Asked what grade he would give President Trump so far, Glenn Woods said,” I’d have to break it into two: an A for intention and a D for implementation.”

Glenn Woods CBS News

Every Trump supporter here said the roll-out had been rocky, but like Woods, they blamed the president’s opponents for making things worse.

“At the moment the Democratic strategy seems to be make him stand in fire ants and eventually he’ll run away,” Woods said.

Joseph Centeno weighed in on presidential falsehoods; Mr. Trump’s charge that the news media ignore terrorist attacks or the millions he says voted illegally in the last election.

“I don’t have any proof either way,” he said of the alleged voter fraud.

As for fake news, does he think CBS News is going to make something up?

“I would hope that’s not the case,” Centeno replied.

Nearby, Dick Gentz and Larry Rasch thought the president should take a breath.

“I think some of the things that he’s done should probably have been done a little slower,” Gentz said.

Dick Gentz, left, and Larry Rasch CBS News

The executive order on immigration?

“I don’t think he gave it enough thought,” Rasch said. “I thought he might change after the election. Once he became president, ya know, he would be more presidential. He hasn’t gotten to that point yet.”

They both dismissed anti-Trump protests, like the big one in Washington.

“Oh I thought that was the worst. I mean the vulgarity and the violence that they espoused,” Gentz said. “It’s not American. It’s not the way we should be doing things. I mean we had an election, okay? We move forward. He won. Let him do his job.”

That was the message from his supporters: Give the president a chance.

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