William Adams, Texas judge suspended over videotaped beating of his daughter, returns to bench

Judge Williams Adams (r), Hillary Adams (l)
Judge Williams Adams (right), Hillary Adams (left)

(CBS/AP) ROCKPORT, Texas - William Adams, the Texas judge caught on camera viciously beating his then-teenage daughter, is expected to return to the bench Wednesday after a yearlong suspension. 

Adams' first docket was scheduled for Wednesday. The Texas Supreme Court lifted Adams' suspension last week and the State Commission on Judicial Conduct issued him a public warning in September.

As Aransas County's top judge, Adams dealt with at least 349 family law cases in the year before his suspension, nearly 50 of which involved state caseworkers seeking to determine whether parents were fit to raise their children. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will no longer file physical abuse cases in his court.

Adams' older daughter, Hillary Adams, uploaded the 2004 video to YouTube just over a year ago. The video shows William Adams repeatedly whipping his then-16-year-old daughter with a belt for illegally downloading music.

The video was viewed by millions on the Internet.

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