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Will Obama Get A Butter Cow Boost?

Ladies and gentlemen, the race for the Democratic nomination is over: Barack Obama has won the endorsement of the Iowa State Fair's butter cow lady.

OK, maybe it's not a game-changer, but it's surely an attention-getter – Norma "Duffy" Lyon, known for carving life-sized cow sculptures from butter for display at the Iowa State Fair, says she's supporting the Illinois senator's bid for president.

Obama's campaign must feel the endorsement is worthwhile – according to the Associated Press, Lyon is the subject of a new radio ad the campaign is airing in the state. Lyon says Obama is the first candidate she's endorsed, and said she's backing him because he "doesn't believe in a lot of gobbly-gook," spends his time talking to ordinary voters, and has proposed a promising plan to help rural Americans.

Lyon doesn't just sculpt cows from butter: She's also done tributes to Elvis and John Wayne. Can an Obama butter bust be far behind?