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Will Obama Appear At Town Hall With McCain Tonight?


From CBS News' John Bentley:

BOSTON -- John McCain will hold two town hall meetings today, and he's been asking Barack Obama all week to show up to one of them. But it now appears it will be a solo act.

"I haven't heard from Sen. Obama, but I certainly urge him again to accept my request to meet me at town hall meetings all over America," McCain said yesterday. Originally, two chairs were to be placed on stage at Federal Hall tonight in New York City, according to the McCain campaign, but Obama's camp says it has no intention of travelling to New York today.

"We are happy to do more than the three typical presidential debates in the fall," Obama said Tuesday. "It's not realistic for us to do 10. We're dealing with all the campaign events that I have to do, since we've just finished our primary election. So it will probably be somewhat fewer than 10, but more than the three that have been already agreed to, and we'll probably propose a mix of formats."

What that mix of formats will be or when they will take place is still up for debate. As for McCain, he holds a town hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, this afternoon before heading to New York tonight.

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