Will Bill (Ever) Visit Nebraska?

In President Clinton's seven and a half years in office, the most-traveled Oval Office occupant in American history has managed to leave out Nebraska.

CBS News Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports the Cornhusker State is number one in beef production, the only state with a unicameral - or single chamber - legislature, and the only state Bill Clinton has never visited as president.

Nebraskans think they have just the thing to attract Mr. Clinton. Steve Gough is curator of the Archway Museum, a new museum built over Interstate 80 in Kearney, Neb. It may look like the middle of nowhere, but it's actually in the middle of what was the great Westward migration of the early 1800's.

"All the wagon trains passed through here. The Pony Express passed through here," said Gough, the museum's curator. "They did pass through (and) some were smart enough to stay."

Gough and others want the president to attend the official opening of the Archway exhibits.

"He's welcome here anytime to come and visit us and see our facility and I hope he can work it into his schedule," said Gough.

A Clinton visit to the museum could be the perfect way to end this state's presidential isolation. This is, after all, a monument to people who passed through without staying. Mr. Clinton has passed over the state many times and passed up every opportunity to stop by. But a lot of people hope the president follows the example of the pioneers and keeps on moving right through the state.

"I guess I'm saying, 'Don't come,'" said Gary Helms, a Nebraska resident. "We're happy enough to be the only state that he's never visited it is kind of a badge of honor, really, as far as I'm concerned."

The White House says that the president will probably not go to the museum dedication, but his very diplomatic spokesman promises Mr. Clinton will get to the state.

"He wants to go to Nebraska and in the greatest American spirit of saving the best for last, he intends to get to Nebraska before his term ends," said White House press secretary Joe Lockhart.

A presidential stop-over can't come soon enough for Nebraskans who worry people could get the wrong message from the White House: that Nebraska is the last place anyone would want to visit.