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Wildly impressive 10-man pool basketball dunkaroo

(CBS News) What screams summer more than a thread of 10 dudes dunking a basketball in a pool? Complete with water slides! Hat tricks! Flips and flops! And all ending in one glorious swish-splash dunk at the end of this 10-deep-line of guys who obviously don't have desk jobs (I'm jealous, not bitter mind you). Check out this amazing feat of summer strength in the video posted by Phil DeMeo above.

It takes a lot of impressively useless skill (again, jealous, not bitter) to be able to get 10 touches and passes by 10 different people before the ultimate dunk. Not to mention the fact that the penultimate alley-oop is no regular two-handed basket, it's a between-the-legs photo-worthy finish (you gotta watch closely, or you might miss that last leg lift). So, brava, dudemeisters, brava, and thanks, Phil for posting this for us all to see and make us even more grateful that it's almost Friday.

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