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Why You Should Make Your Colleagues Look Good

2090951156_1dc9e2e3d7_m.jpgWant a win-win proposition for the workplace? Then focus on making the people around you look like superstars -- and you'll find that the light reflects on you as well.

J.D. Meier writes on Sources of Insight:

Lift your colleagues up and they'll lift you up. One of the keys to being effective at work is helping your colleagues look good.
Highlighting "Influence Without Authority" by Allan Cohen and David Bradford, Meier points out that there's a connection between deep relationships and being more effective at work. Looking out for your colleagues' interests, helping them in any way you can, and creating rich and involved relationships with them can pay off by improving both your status and your productivity.

What do you think? Can supporting your co-workers help you get ahead?

(image by lenchensmama via Flickr, CC 2.0)

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