Why aren't you listening to Buke and Gass right now?

Buke & Gass' Aron Sanchez, left, and Arone Dyer
Grant Cornett
Buke and Gass' Aron Sanchez, left, and Arone Dyer
Grant Cornett

(CBS) It's entirely possible you haven't heard anything like Buke and Gass before. The duo is made up of Arone Dyer on the "buke" and Aron Sanchez on "gass."

The buke (pronounced "byook") is, in the band's words, "a self-modified six-string former baritone ukulele." The gass (pronounced "gace") is "a guitar-bass hybrid of [Sanchez's] own creation." Dyer and Sanchez also play assorted percussion instruments and sing. And their sound is truly different. Good different.

(Scroll down to listen to "Page Break" by Buke and Gass)

Strong rhythms, meaty bass, Dyer's powerful vocals, thumping percussion. No less an authority on the power of sound than comic Reggie Watts described them to Spin like this: "That woman's voice is off the charts. They have very complicated melodies and beautiful rhythms. It's emotional and technical at the same time."

All true.

The band's only scheduled performance at the moment is at The Music Gallery in Tornoto, Ontario, Canada, on Oct. 22. The Buke and Gass website reports, "[P]lanning Nov-Dec EU tour..." You can pick up the band's full-length at iTunes, Amazon or at its label, Brassland.

Buke and Gass - "Page Break" by Brassland

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