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Who's The Next To Go?

Well it appears that viewers who took the "Who's Next To Get Kicked Off Survivor" survey don't really like the members of the Maraamu tribe - with one surprising exception. Maybe they were annoyed that the organized, gung-ho, can-do-everything hunk Hunter Ellis was given the boot last week.

School teacher with-an-attitude Sean Rector was the number one choice to be the fourth contestant voted off Survivor: Marquesas. A total of 29.4 percent of viewers chose him to get voted out.

Close behind was Hunter's buddy Gina, Crows. She gathered 27.5 percent of the vote. Teammate Vecepia "Vee" Towery was picked by 25.6 to have her flame extinguished. Sullen Sarah Jones was next with 1.4 percent.

But in a surprise development, not a single viewer -- not one -- voted for construction foreman Rob Mariano. Perhaps they're buying into his philosophy that he's going to get people to do what he wants, without them knowing it.

Nice Neleh Dennis of the Rotu tribe came in fifth with 6.6 percent of the vote. Some 1.9 percent thought crime writer Tammy Leitner should be kicked out. Under-appreciated food-finder Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien was next with 1.4 percent.

There was a four-way tie for eighth place. Good-guy Gabriel Cade, aspiring lawyer and former medic John Carroll, Superior Court Judge Paschal English and limousine driver Robert DeCanio each received 0.9 percent of the vote.

With 0.5 percent of viewers voting against her, "Lobster Lady" Zoe Zanidakis was under the radar.

Will the Maraamu tribe continue to disintegrate? Or will they finally win a challenge? Will the Rotus continue their Happy Days existence, or will chinks in their armor appear?

As always, on Survivor, anything can, and does, happen.

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